Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As I mentioned, your attitude is the single most significant ingredient in determining your success.
And part of the attitude is "what does it really take?"

A lot of times when people get recruited into this business they have wrong expectations. They think this business is simple, easy and takes just a few hours a week. And they are usually wrong depending on what they want out of it.

Your business takes time and effort to make it work. Let me explain...
You probably have significant dreams you want to achieve -- that's why you got into your business. And anything significant worth achieving requires significant effort to achieve it. You see, building a successful business is going to take significant time, work and effort. It won't take as significant time, work and effort as your job, but it's going to take more than just a few hours a week.

If you have big dreams, it's okay -- and acceptable -- to work hard, invest money and spend time to reach those dreams. In the absence of working hard, investing money and spending time to reach them you will not reach them. But the good news with all of this is there are only two things that you do, so you only have to focus your time,effort and resources into two areas. The two things you do to grow a networking business is, number one, find the right people to talk to, and number two, talk to those people.

Here's what I mean...
Finding the right people to talk to is everything you do to find leads and call them to set appointments. That's the first thing.

Talking to people is everything you do to present your business and follow through, helping them to get started. That's it! That's essentially all you do to grow your business. And, if you talk to the top earners in the industry, those who have achieved their dreams, you will hear a consistent ratio they share over and over again. That ratio is "70/30". 70% of your time needs to be spent finding the right
people to talk to, and 30% of your time needs to be spent talking to them.

What this means in practical terms is this...
If you are going to invest 10 hours a week to reach your dreams, that means 7 hours each week needs to be spent finding the right people to talk to. If you are going to invest 15 hours a week into your business that means 10 ½ hours needs to be spent finding them. That's what it means to invest 70% of your time finding the right people to talk to.

You see, it's okay to spend an hour or two every day generating leads if you want fast growth in your business. It's okay to go down to the mall for a couple of hours on Saturday and do nothing but find the right people to talk to. It's okay to buy a bunch of leads from a lead provider and spend hours a day picking up the phone, dialing them and talking to them. That's okay. That's what it takes to grow a big business.

And if anyone tries to tell you differently,run away! The reality is great results require hard work and there's no getting around it.

I know you're probably asking, "well, if that's the case, then where do things like attending conference calls, going to conventions, getting coaching and training, and more -- where does all of that fit into those 10 or 15 hours a week?"

The answer: It doesn't!
All of that is outside the activity of building your business. Those are things you have to do because you must
prepare yourself to win, but preparing yourself to win and doing the activity of winning are two different things.
The activity of winning is 70% finding the right people to talk to and 30% talking to them.
So let me ask you: if you've been in your business for any reasonable amount of time, what percentage of your time are you spending in finding the right people to talk to?

As I ask this question to networkers across the country the time they spend finding the right people to talk to is woefully inadequate to reach the dreams and desires that most of them have. And you have to make a decision to be honest with yourself and ask, "do I really want that dream in my life, and if so, how important is it to me? How much effort am I willing to invest to make it happen?"
You see, if it is really important to you and you really want it, then you have to be willing to invest the time to get it.

If you don't invest enough time and effort to find the right people first, you will never accomplish the dreams you have. So what I want to do now is I want to talk in terms of how do you invest that time? What are the steps to take right now in the next 2 weeks to get started finding the right people? Then, what do you do after the first 2 weeks to continue that process and move it forward?

Get a Plan B
Work for yourself

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