Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Start Saving Gas And Make Money At The Same Time

I have been using this product for about 4 months.
My gas last longer and I can go 300 miles on one tank of gas. My tank is only 10 gallons.


To see how many miles to the gallon you are getting. When you tank is almost empty. Full up your tank, keep the receipt it will show the gallons on it. Now checking your millage, write down the millage on your vehicle or most of you might have a button that you can push to reset your millage.
When you are almost empty again and ready to full up your tank. Get out your last receipt, and then get the millage off your vehicle. You will take millage divided by gallons.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Network Builder Program

For every affiliate you refer to SFI who becomes an Executive Affiliate (EA), you'll earn a 100% to 200% matching bonus (of their Executive Bonus), then a 50% matching bonus each month thereafter! There's no limit to how many matching bonuses you can earn each month, and referring affiliates to SFI is easy because it's free to join.
And it's simple and easy, too! I Just start referring others to this site

For each person who becomes an SFI Affiliate and then upgrades to the rank of Executive Affiliate (EA), I'll earn a matching commission!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Be A Travel Agent

My husband and I have been a Travel Agent for about a year. We sign up just for the upgrade that the hotels and car rental give us for being Travel Agents.

I have book are hotel and car rental on my web site. We have paid for a hotel $55.00 for a one bed and they upgrade us to a suite. On the Car rental we had booked a compact car and they upgrade us to a midtown car.

This company offer two unique and powerful opportunities, that of referring travel agent or “RTA” and that of independent marketing representative or “REP”. The travel agent opportunity has an initial fee under $500.00 AND MONTHLY LICENSE FEE OF $49.95. There is no fee or travel agency purchase required to be a REP. You may choose to participate in one or both opportunities.

This website has Flights, Cars & Hotels, Cruise, International Travel, Group Cruises,Ticket & Attractions, Outdoor Adventures, Concerts & Shows, Flowers, Get Your Passports, Travel Insurance, New and pre-Owned Cars, Bridal Registry and Golf Destination.

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