Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get Started

1. Schedule a Meeting with Your Sponsor
Meet with your upline to review the Business Kit included in your enrollment package.

2. Develop and Write Down Your “WHY?”
Your “WHY?” is your inspiration and your burning desire. It is your personal reason for signing
the application. It is described on the Online Training Center located in the Distributor Login at and the 48-hour training DVD.

3. Complete Your Freedom Folder Activity Plan
The Freedom Folder Activity Plan will help you identify how many people you should talk to per
week/month based on your goals.

4. Create a Contact List
See Contact List description in Your First 48 Hours section of the Opportunity Guide.

5. Watch Our Business Training DVD
Review the 48-hour training on the Basic Training DVD included in your Distributor Kit.

6. Catalog Results - Collect Stories and Develop Your Own Story
- Begin to catalog the testimonials or “stories” of other Distributors.
- Learn about product and business results to use as examples when talking about.
- Stories are available on our website, conference calls and publications (Bio Today, brochures, etc.)

7. Enroll in the BIOLINK System (
Get your own personal website with online ordering, online enrollment and
business tracking capabilities. Utilize the Toll Free Sizzle Line Voicemail, prospecting tools,
training, and more.

8. Visit the Corporate Website
- Go through the Online Training Center by logging in to the Distributor Login with your
Username (5 digit distributor ID#)
- Register for our FREE newsletter ( e-Zine) by selecting the "Our Newsletter" tab
- Access FREE ONLINE ORDERING and much more.

9. Register for the BIOLOOP email service (It's FREE!)
- Request registration from
- The BIOLOOP will allow you to interact with other leaders and trainers
24 hours a day, 7 days a week for information and support.

10. Purchase The CD Presentation System's BETTER. FASTER. - 25 Pack!
Use the coupon in your enrollment package to purchase the BETTER. FASTER. - 25 Pack
(item code #PTS2) for the introductory price of only $30*.
* Price does not include shipping. Offer good up to 30 days after your start date only.

Get a Plan B
Work for yourself

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